Um…. yeah. I do still knit.

My Ravelry page has been rather a fly in amber over the last few months.  Not much going on over there for me.  Frankly, I’ve been pretty much just doing socks lately, and I mostly don’t document those – just pop ’em on my feet.

But I did pick up some Misti Alpaca handpainted sock yarn as a souvenir in Maine, and did up a Lace Ribbon scarf .  I wanted a longer, skinny kind of scarf – multiple wraps ’round the neck, or a long, loose drape – so I took out two of the pattern repeats.  It was perfect train knitting – quickly memorized, small, portable.  Best of all, it’s not a sock, so it really wanted to be photographed:

Lace Ribbon scarf

Yes, it’s VERY long.

Lace ribbon closeup

But very pretty.  I think it’s a good’un, myself.

I admit it.

I don’t get it.

A bunch of my Ravelry friends have queued this sweater out of the latest Knitty.  My not getting it probably has a lot to do with me, not with the sweater: I am absolutely the wrong body type to wear it (strike 1), I am solidly in the anti-bobble camp (strike 2 – also see above re: “wrong body type”), and detatchable sleeves give me 80’s flashbacks of the worst kind (strike 3 – it’s the detatchable sleeves that really confuse me.  What can I say?  I’m way too preppy and square for detatchable sleeves).  I will be very interested to see iterations of this design in the wild, especially in the case of inevitable knitter modifications.

I would, however, like to shout a positively ENORMOUS “congratulations!” to my friend Robynn, whose “Twist and Shout” is lovely (and lovely on her in the photos).