Milo’s not going to the baseball hall of fame

But we are cautiously optimistic that the lump in his throat is getting better under steroid treatment.

The dog better look out, though.  Milo may kick the stuffing out of him in a fit of ‘roid rage…


It’s hard to focus on the good when illness has struck a tiny tyrant.

Plenty is just fine chez nous, and we have much to be grateful for.  But John found a grape-sized lump on Milo’s larynx on Friday.  At the vet, they found he had a fever of 106 – very, very high.  An expensive battery of tests has told us… well, almost nothing, except he doesn’t have an infection.  He has been out of sorts and punky, spending lots of time in the cool sanctuary of the basement.  He appreciates visits, but hasn’t been seeking us out with his usual insistent regularity.  His meow is a croak, and his purr sounds like a fork dragged across asphalt.

Wee Milo is not well.  And it’s got us well and truly tweaked.

That’s all I got.  How are you?

The Artist Currently Known as Milo

I realized last night that Milo is a performance artist.

What else could explain his strange habit of putting the top of his head on stuff?

Performance art.  It’s the only explanation.

(My friend Adam once said that “Performance art is a personality disorder with a grant.”  I’m thinking I now know where Milo gets the money for his designer kitty bed and blinged-out toys.  I blame myself for being duped into buying him the nuclear kitty ganja in the Kitty Can’t Cope sacks.  He can clearly afford to buy them himself.)

Li’l LoLo rides again

What was Milo doing last night:

1. Experiencing Kundalini shakti
2. Taking an odd sort of nap
3. Hiding his face so he didn’t have to watch “Snakes on a Plane”

You tell me.

What passes for amusement at our house

Yeah.  We’re easily amused.

Happy Holidays to all

This morning started with some Santa Hat silliness:

Simon, modeling the Santa hat.

Some of the zoo were less into this idea:

"Do.  Not.  Want."

Dash wants nothing to do with this nonsense

And some are game for anything:

Toshie Claus

John got power tools, because he’s been a very good boy this year:

John got TOOLS for x-mas

Brian and I took a walk with Tosh:

Bri and Tosh

And all that’s left is to make and eat a fabulous dinner and wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy new year:


All the best to you and yours.

Nativity play

We had a good Thanksgiving.

Some cats had some nice lounging

Sunshine LoLo

Simon bliss

The meal seemed to go over well:

Holiday table

I made a particularly pretty pie:

Pretty pie

And Mom indulged in the creation of a bunch of teeny sweaters – it was like a particularly cute obsession acted out in scraps of leftover sock yarn:

Mom's teeny sweater obsession

And finally, we’re currently sitting here deconstructing the performance art piece that is John hanging lights on the Christmas tree.  It’s rather nice.


We’re not huge cat-toy buyers.  Our cats aren’t terribly interested in gee-whizzery, and the Kitty Can’t Cope Sack represents the pinnacle of technology to them.  Milo’s favorite toy, when he’s not getting his kitty buzz on, is a crumpled receipt (and his zeal for pursuing them, even in an uncrumpled state, makes entering expenses into Quicken an exercise that would impress the Flying Wallendas).  We are well aware that for the feline imagination a cardboard box is a castle, a TARDIS, and a treehouse all in one.

So why we were enticed by a $5 IKEA nylon cat-hut, I don’t know.  But I’m happy we didn’t listen to our wiser voices for once.  The thing’s a hit at our house, and for some reason we find it endlessly amusing to find our cat-family enjoying its cozy Swedish vibe.

Simon a/k/a "Big Papi" (for his increasingly strong resemblance to David Ortiz ):

Who'd have thunk the evil cat-hut would be such a hit?

Little Milo, happily sharing space with several Kitty Can’t Copes:

$5 very well spent at IKEA

Dash, examining the environs:

Even skittery Dash likes it.

The toys help

…and deciding that he draws the line at sharing.

He draws the line at sharing, however.

Just in case you feared I had become anything resembling hip…

…No, it shall never be.  And to prove it, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, several minutes of pointless video that might only be of interest to a small subset of my friends and relatives*:

“This is not how I am” indeed, Simon – get yer paws off of the coffee table.

Happy holiday weekend, at least to the US folks who are looking forward to beer and barbecue tomorrow.

*And of that small subset, there’s probably an even smaller subset consisting of John and my mom who will actually be amused by this video.

We interrupt this blog for…

Cute cat photos…


…and also arty cat photos


Things I have done recently include:

  1. Going to see Eddie Izzard (love you!  Call me!)
  2. Going to MD Sheep and Wool with friends
  3. Purchasing a spindle and managing (with a quick tutorial from my friend Rachel) to actually produce yarn with it (portable spinning!  Brilliant!)

I will (hopefully) talk about these things anon.  However for now, the cute cat images will have to do.