“Oh, you’ll hate that.”

I have this funny, perverse mental habit.  When someone tells me, “You HAVE to watch X.  You will LOVE X,” I immediately find myself averse to ever looking at such a thing.

My mother is a very smart woman.

She now precedes all recommendations with, “So – you will HATE this.  You don’t want to watch/read/listen to it.”  For some reason, this actually works.

Funny little thing, brains.

I love this

A quick update – my in-laws are in town, and since our internet has been out since Saturday (have I mentioned lately how much I hate Comcast), I am posting this from the library.

The Susan Komen 5k went very well – I did it in just over 40 minutes (which is a good pace for me).  My race number was 1983, which brings us to this super video (it’s pretty much for Marie and me):

Another big “thank you” for all who supported me!


My friend Lianne introduced me to this artist:

(Shall we all gang up on Lianne to get her blogging again?)

Reruns, sort of

I think I posted this item last year – the original lineup of the Indiana University a cappella group called “Straight No Chaser” and their completely hilarious “12 Days of Christmas.”

[well, crap - the original was deleted from YouTube]

The story gets better – on the strength of their YouTube output (put on the web for a reunion), the original group were offered a record contract.  And so, years after graduation, they decided to grab that crazy brass ring and get back together to record a Christmas album called Holiday Spirits.  Our friend Bob sent us a copy of it: it’s FANTASTIC.  If you love lush harmony, clever arrangements, and flawless execution, do yourself a favor and buy a copy.

Here’s them doing Christmas in Washington:

YouTube Preview Image

If you don’t love any of these things, I’m sorry your heart is cold and dead.  There’s nothing I can do for you.

Lester Bangs would have nothing to fear…

…if he were still alive, that is.

My friend KHM asked me to do a guest review over at her blog .  Music is one of her passions and as she says, our tastes overlap to a frightening degree.  Head on over if you’d be inclined to hear me bloviate about a recent album.  (Warning: those who know me might be rather surprised.)

Jonatha Brooke + Joss Whedon? Fangirl explosion.

Okay, like, so….

We went to see Jonatha Brooke at the Birchmere this past weekend.  For once, the show wasn’t plagued by a crappy mix.  JB was her usual spunky, funny, soulful, irreverent self.  We enjoyed the hell out of her, as usual.  But she gave us Such.  Big.  News.

She’s doing the theme song for Joss Whedon’s new show, "Dollhouse."

I admit.  I yipped.

(Yes, we’re having an election today.  I voted, as I’m sure you did too, if you live in America.  Because you’re a good citizen.  The best.)

“Show this guy, then cut back to these two.”

For anyone who grew up with "Friday Night Videos."  (You know who you are.)  What happens when videos get literal:

I admit, I had "Hunting High and Low" on vinyl.  I can’t say I remember a single other song from it, though.  Also, Wikipedia says a-ha is still extant.  Amazing.  I’ll have to check out what they’ve done since 1985 at some point…

Shining Eyes and One-Buttock Playing

I can think of worse things to do than to watch the entire series of TED talks. What an amazing group of smart, funny, inspirational people.

Here’s Benjamin Zander on classical music.  Brilliant.


More of "Simon’s Cat"!

Just in case you feared I had become anything resembling hip…

…No, it shall never be.  And to prove it, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, several minutes of pointless video that might only be of interest to a small subset of my friends and relatives*:

YouTube Preview Image

“This is not how I am” indeed, Simon – get yer paws off of the coffee table.

Happy holiday weekend, at least to the US folks who are looking forward to beer and barbecue tomorrow.

*And of that small subset, there’s probably an even smaller subset consisting of John and my mom who will actually be amused by this video.