The Artist Currently Known as Milo

I realized last night that Milo is a performance artist.

What else could explain his strange habit of putting the top of his head on stuff?

Performance art.  It’s the only explanation.

(My friend Adam once said that “Performance art is a personality disorder with a grant.”  I’m thinking I now know where Milo gets the money for his designer kitty bed and blinged-out toys.  I blame myself for being duped into buying him the nuclear kitty ganja in the Kitty Can’t Cope sacks.  He can clearly afford to buy them himself.)

Endless airplane

So I found out today that one of my photos was used on a Wired Blog post (don’t worry – it’s creative-commons licensed.  Happy for them to have it, just wish I had been able to take it with a better camera – I didn’t have the SLR then).

More wooden planes

So now I’m posting about a posting that used a photo I posted.

Funny old world.

First ice

After some recent whoops-a-daisy with the thermometer, we seem to have settled firmly into the cold:

First ice

A thin rime of ice in the old watering can – Rime of the Ancient Geranium, perhaps.  In point of fact, the geraniums came in weeks ago, and are still behaving like overly-corseted Victorian ladies: weeping and sighing and coming close to fainting as they wonder how on Earth anyone would be so cruel as to haul them inside into the warm.  Not known for their brains, geraniums.  But pretty when they’re not turning yellow and fussing.

We have today off, in honor of veterans.  John is running up and down ladders, in hopes of finishing the  house project that Will Not End – repainting the master bath.  We’ve been camped out in the guest bath for about a month now, and while I am grateful for the fact that we have a guest bath to camp in, I am well and truly ready for this project to be over.  In a master stroke of poor planning, we had the main mirror in the master bath removed right before the busiest time at work for John – late summer.  So even though we have been able to use the room until very recently, it’s been… challenging.

Such first-world problems I have.  What a brat.

School colleagues are set to come over later today to finalize a project, so I must off.  So odd to have this day in the middle of the week.  But nice.  Thank you, veterans.

Until next year

I’m back…

I’ve spent the last week in the great State of Maine (since Milo is busily making himself at home on my lap, I first typed that as the "Great Sate of Maine," and when you consider the amount of good food that was consumed, it’s just as appropriate).

It’s awfully pretty there.

John near Bubble Rock

And we had a very good time. Brother Brian also took some great shots, which you can see here , and we also talked about restarting Literagraphica , which has been on hiatus since Bri’s spent the last year and some doing piffling things like starting new businesses and winning awards and silly things like that. He says he’s got things sorted now, and wants to restart the project, so that’s very cool.  I took a pretty nice shot of him also:

Brian at Bubble Rock

And an arty shot of my own:


That’s pretty much it. We’re trying to get back into the swing of things here – which is always easier if you take an extra day at home before jumping in to real life.  In our infinite wisdom we… didn’t do that.  I’m already really looking forward to the weekend.

We interrupt this blog for…

Cute cat photos…


…and also arty cat photos


Things I have done recently include:

  1. Going to see Eddie Izzard (love you!  Call me!)
  2. Going to MD Sheep and Wool with friends
  3. Purchasing a spindle and managing (with a quick tutorial from my friend Rachel) to actually produce yarn with it (portable spinning!  Brilliant!)

I will (hopefully) talk about these things anon.  However for now, the cute cat images will have to do.

Stop me before I macro again.

There’s a group on Ravelry that has devoted itself to lolcat macros (of course there is – let’s not even pretend to be surprised, shall we?).

For some reason, this has gotten me digging into the flickr files. And then, I have to share with you. It’s a bad cycle, but I am helpless in the lolcat thrall.

Simon’s up first:

Simon and zee clapotis

(See first paragraph of this for explanation of caption)

Then Dash:

Dash - LOL

Finally, Milo:


…but we can’t forget the dog, can we?

The dog gets in on the act

I promise not to inflict these on you again. Kthanxbai.