I admit it.

I don’t get it.

A bunch of my Ravelry friends have queued this sweater out of the latest Knitty.  My not getting it probably has a lot to do with me, not with the sweater: I am absolutely the wrong body type to wear it (strike 1), I am solidly in the anti-bobble camp (strike 2 – also see above re: “wrong body type”), and detatchable sleeves give me 80’s flashbacks of the worst kind (strike 3 – it’s the detatchable sleeves that really confuse me.  What can I say?  I’m way too preppy and square for detatchable sleeves).  I will be very interested to see iterations of this design in the wild, especially in the case of inevitable knitter modifications.

I would, however, like to shout a positively ENORMOUS “congratulations!” to my friend Robynn, whose “Twist and Shout” is lovely (and lovely on her in the photos).


  1. I hear you! I don’t get it, either. Maybe they’re planning on making non-detachable sleeves?

    I LOVE your friend’s sweater pattern. I didn’t even notice it yesterday. (I haven’t had time to check out the whole set yet).

  2. I agree with your opinion about the sweater and will take it a step further to call it “ugly”. There I said it. I know it would be more p.c. to say, “It’s just not my style ” or “I don’t have the body type to pull it off”. In fact even if I did have the “right” body type, whatever that may mean, I still wouldn’t wear it.

  3. I’m not thrilling to the bobble sweater either. I think it’s one of those garments that people are sold on the body wearing the garment, and don’t stop to think about whether or not it would look good on their body.
    I’m neither here nor there about bobbles, but I think the cut of that sleeve won’t be flattering on too many people, and the separating sleeves are definitely not appealing to me, as someone who lived through the 80’s.
    To each his/her own.

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  4. Marie, I think you have a good point re: people looking at the photos and saying, “I want to look like that!” (Which translates to: “Boy, I want that body!”) and not realizing that producing this garment isn’t going to accomplish that.

  5. Thank you! I could not BE more excited.

    I like Camden. (Possibly because I too covet her whole look, yes.) I’m not a bobble fan, but I was impressed with how good they look when not combined with lots of cables – suddenly they’re creating a texture all by themselves, and I found that really interesting.

    The detachable sleeves are, uh. Quirky. Cute in a hipster sort of way, but yeah, I wouldn’t.

    All in all, I know better than to think it would work on my body, but there’s nothing wrong with catering to a specific body type/fashion style; and I think it’s pretty successful in what it’s trying to do. Apart from anything else it just looks like a really well fitted garment.

  6. I agree.

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  7. I think the detachable sleeves are weird, but the bobbles don’t bother me. I’m the person with three crochet sweater pattern books from the 70s with lots of bobbles. Robynn’s piece is lovely, and in purple!

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  8. I totally agree with you. I need to not have (I have my own rules about split infinitives. They make sense to me) bobbles down the boobs. (Boobles?) What a bad look for me :( But I definitely have the other one in my mental queue.

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  9. I hate to have to admit that sweater is too “young” for me. I don’t shop in the Juniors department for a reason.

  10. I hate that sweater. It looks claustrophobic to me and makes me itch to look at it. Maybe the detached sleeves are supposed to relieve the claustrophobia. I’ve never liked detachable sleeves — even in the 50s. ( I guess that shows that I really, really am too old for it anyway.)

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