Broken – for now

This blogger?  No, this blogger’s not broken – all evidence to the contrary.  But my theme is.  Temporarily.  That’s why, if you’re visiting the site you’re probably saying, “What is up?  This looks ugly!”

Yes, yes it does.  Sorry.  I was dumb and upgraded to WordPress 3.0 without checking to see if my theme was compatible.  Guess what – it’s not!  Whee!  Good times.  My WP wizard Daisy is working her magic as we speak.

And if you’re reading this on an RSS feed, apologies for the confusion…  I am sure it makes no sense at all.

Potentially interesting post for my textile fan readers

The latest in the sporadic posts on Enjoy.


So, my friend and former classmate Erik Heels went and put the Google Connect thingy on his blog.  I’m testing it out myself, so if you’re feeling the love and don’t mind putting your face out there, please feel free to join.  I put it in my sidebar, just past "recent comments."


With the job, and school, and the rest of life, I haven’t done a heck of a lot with my professional blog, but I have decided to keep putting stuff up over there as the spirit moves me.  I posted something today .  Some of my regular readers may appreciate it.

Lester Bangs would have nothing to fear…

…if he were still alive, that is.

My friend KHM asked me to do a guest review over at her blog .  Music is one of her passions and as she says, our tastes overlap to a frightening degree.  Head on over if you’d be inclined to hear me bloviate about a recent album.  (Warning: those who know me might be rather surprised.)

I’m back…

I’ve spent the last week in the great State of Maine (since Milo is busily making himself at home on my lap, I first typed that as the "Great Sate of Maine," and when you consider the amount of good food that was consumed, it’s just as appropriate).

It’s awfully pretty there.

John near Bubble Rock

And we had a very good time. Brother Brian also took some great shots, which you can see here , and we also talked about restarting Literagraphica , which has been on hiatus since Bri’s spent the last year and some doing piffling things like starting new businesses and winning awards and silly things like that. He says he’s got things sorted now, and wants to restart the project, so that’s very cool.  I took a pretty nice shot of him also:

Brian at Bubble Rock

And an arty shot of my own:


That’s pretty much it. We’re trying to get back into the swing of things here – which is always easier if you take an extra day at home before jumping in to real life.  In our infinite wisdom we… didn’t do that.  I’m already really looking forward to the weekend.

The inevitable Wordle output as a wordle picture

It’s not of this site, though – it’s the output from my professional site.

Even though I feel like I’m probably the last person on the planet to do a Wordle, I know one or two of my readers might not know how to make their own, so if you’re one of the one or two, wordle is here.


Hard on the heels of my story yesterday about a drama school classmate using a live snake in Cleopatra’s death scene, it appears the Shakespeare Company of DC is doing the same thing in their current production. (And I have to go with Scott Simon’s assessment of these critters – they are cuter than the average run of such reptiles.  Still not sure I’d like them coiled around my hands, though.)

I’ve had two such coincidences in as many days in my colossal online media empire. What’s going on here?  Am I plugged into a heretofore-unknown outlet of the zeitgeist?