Reruns, sort of

I think I posted this item last year – the original lineup of the Indiana University a cappella group called “Straight No Chaser” and their completely hilarious “12 Days of Christmas.”

[well, crap – the original was deleted from YouTube]

The story gets better – on the strength of their YouTube output (put on the web for a reunion), the original group were offered a record contract.  And so, years after graduation, they decided to grab that crazy brass ring and get back together to record a Christmas album called Holiday Spirits.  Our friend Bob sent us a copy of it: it’s FANTASTIC.  If you love lush harmony, clever arrangements, and flawless execution, do yourself a favor and buy a copy.

Here’s them doing Christmas in Washington:

If you don’t love any of these things, I’m sorry your heart is cold and dead.  There’s nothing I can do for you.


  1. Someone from my chorus sent that out last year (we were singing a spoof, “12 Days After Christmas” and she found it when searching for a video of it).

    I didn’t know the whole story, but heard it on the radio when at my Dad’s. I think a lot of the claims about how the internet changes everything are overblown, but I love how this turned out! I’m sad the video was taken down, though. :(