Jonatha Brooke + Joss Whedon? Fangirl explosion.

Okay, like, so….

We went to see Jonatha Brooke at the Birchmere this past weekend.  For once, the show wasn’t plagued by a crappy mix.  JB was her usual spunky, funny, soulful, irreverent self.  We enjoyed the hell out of her, as usual.  But she gave us Such.  Big.  News.

She’s doing the theme song for Joss Whedon’s new show, "Dollhouse."

I admit.  I yipped.

(Yes, we’re having an election today.  I voted, as I’m sure you did too, if you live in America.  Because you’re a good citizen.  The best.)


  1. You do know that Jonatha is a knitter, right? :-)

    Sway Knitss last blog post..This morning…

  2. No, but I know she practices yoga.

    If I find out more things to like about her, I may implode.