Yet more snow

Our crazy snow dog/porpoise.

Music: Shira Kammen, “Le Brandevin – Holly and his Merry Men – Angelus ad Verginem” used under a Creative Commons license.

Also, the bundt cake atop our picnic table:

Is it a cake?


  1. Amazing. I love the dog video. What’s the music?

  2. Crap. Thanks for reminding me, H. The music is credited at YouTube, but the credits don’t transfer through to here! (Grrr.) Added!

  3. Shira Kammen! I should have known. Nice! Thanks for the link.

  4. I’m listening to the whole album now — fabulous!

  5. Nice to see the CC license doing what it is intended to do!

  6. Keep the videos coming- love it- display of pure bliss :)

  7. That is one HAPPY dog! (Poor John, though!)