Yes we can… haz bukkit

John, Mel, Yvonne, and I made a snowy trek into Frederick, MD yesterday.

Frederick - snow.

(Yes, for all of my northern friends – that is a piddling amount of snow. But it’s the only snow we’ve had here all winter).

Our mission? Beer and yarn. We visited The Flying Barrel for brewing supplies and Eleganza for yarn. John picked up a brewing kit:

We can haz bukkit

Basically, some specialty equipment and two very big buckets.

I picked up some lovely blue and green yarn. I’m pondering a scarf pattern.

And that’s pretty much us today. We have friends out on the Mall in the scrum of the Inauguration, but my crowd-phobic self isn’t really interested in standing in the cold to watch the JumboTron. So instead, we have me baking bread and John brewing liquid bread.


  1. i too am crowd phobic! and i can i say – that is a lot of yeast in your house!

  2. Don’t you haz to go to works?

    Or is it just not worth it with the crush of humanity that descended upon your fair city?

  3. Nope – it’s a holiday for a lot of businesses around here. Considering I have to change trains in the middle of downtown DC, I would have had to stay home anyway. My commute would have been impossible.

  4. Marie, many of the folks who did go to work today (nurses, police, etc.) stayed overnight close to where they worked. The local NBC station said two million people on the mall and connected bits of grass.

    I taped it and am watching now; I had PT.

    Jill, has John brewed before?

  5. Hey Marilee – John hasn’t brewed before, but we have several very experienced friends who have signed on to advise.