Well, it only took a month and a half…

…actually, it took about two weeks of knitting in the evenings and then about a month before I had the opportunity to go to my friend Mel’s to use her superior little machine for felting.  (It’s superior for felting in that it’s a small-volume, aggressive little beast.  Probably not superior for gentle care of clothes, but everyone has their own special talents.)

My hair has gotten significantly longer in the last month and a half, but it still has the flapper-esque look I was going for:

New hat

Pattern: Dietrich, from Twist Collective. Mods on Ravelry.


  1. CUTE!

  2. Great color, great shape, great photo! Very New England, eh? And, uh, do I detect a beautifully hand knit scarf wrapped so nonchalantly about your neck?

  3. It looks great on you!

  4. Tres jolie!

  5. So cute!