Update to my post on that cable company whose name rhymes with “bombast”

  1. The problem, it was OUTSIDE.
  2. I got a blog visitor for the previous post from Tamil Nadu, India, linked through Buzzmetrics “Threat Tracking.”  They even outsource their paranoia.


  1. OOooo…. you are on their “watch list” now (he-he)

    Bet you won’t be able to “tivo” anything. “I’m sorry Ms Writing and Typing” but you have been flagged as a needy customer who oh…I don’t know…happened to be right??!!

    Isn’t sarcasm a beautiful thing…

  2. Wow. May I recommend a satellite dish?

  3. Wow, what a scary world we live in.

    It is rather nice to be proved right though isn’t it. Even if it has taken, how many days of holiday was it????