Typing one-handed

No, not like that.  Pervert.

Like this:


Surgery on finger.  Typing not easy.  Haven’t tried knitting.

More later.


  1. Whaaa? Planned?

  2. Yeah. I had a nerve cyst (ganglia) on my knuckle.

  3. Ouch—so sorry! I have a brace I’m supposed to be wearing on my hand and wrist but I only wear it to sleep because it prohibits knitting. And.that.can.not.happen.

    Be better! I’m sure you could hold a wine glass, right?

  4. And you didn’t have a Collected Works around with which to make quick work of it?

  5. You have human wrap on that. Vet wrap is not only cheaper, but it comes in better colors. I have purple at the moment. (I’ve become allergic to tape & adhesives.)

    The last time I had a gout tophus off a knuckle, I didn’t have a sock-type cover like that, just lots of gauze . (Come to think of it, you were there the last time I had a mass taken off, but it was on my wrist! Thanks again!)

  6. Kathy, I can definitely hold a wineglass. Luckily, I didn’t need the vicodin they gave me.

  7. Melanie, while that was the accepted cure for my condition at one point, it went out about the same time removing a tooth by slamming a door tied to said tooth…

  8. Yeah, Marilee- I got my surgery at Kaiser also. I thought of you!

  9. Wuss. ;-)

    I have a friend with one on his wrist that isn’t the “oh, the joint just looks a little bigger than normal” kind…more like the “talking boil” kind. Yeesh.

  10. I had the hit-my-knuckle-on-the sink-and-feel-like-I-knocked-my-funnybone.

    Ow, ow, owwww…..

    That, plus increased range of motion limitation over time. Enuff’s enuff.

  11. Oh NO!!!

  12. awwwww!

  13. Not playing soccer today then?
    Will send liquor.

  14. khm, I just watched that from Cute Overload and I’d just played with Spirit (who is 10) in exactly the same way on the bed. (She prefers flat sheets to play on rather than lumpy duvets, and I’m changing/washing bed linens.)