Today’s moment of surreality

Today on the Metro, there were a bunch of people all carrying boxed sets of the works of Edward Tufte with handles on top.

It was like a Magritte painting — dozens of people all carrying identical little white briefcases.


  1. Kimberly says


    A friend of mine took the train from DC to Boston to go to the Tufte seminar (at which he received the complete works…). I wonder if he was one of the people you saw?

    (Yes, I know, probably not, but still!)

  2. The Metro really was full of people sporting their little white briefcase-boxes. It made me wonder what the seminar itself looked like, with EVERYBODY carrying them around.

  3. Ack. I went to a Tufte talk several years ago. I love his books but that seminar? Woohoo—ego overdrive, baby.