These animal-related “thank you’s” could get elaborate…

Robynn has promised some 4theanimals dosh, so here’s my first YouTube effort to say “thanks!”


  1. Ha! Now that makes it all worthwhile. That’s some quality wrestling there. (Also, I was feeling guilty about how svelte your kits are compared with my Jemima, till that tabby appeared on the scene…) (Also, an indication of what moving has done to my brain: I can identify *exactly* the source and model name of your white sideboard. Having only just decided not to acquire one for myself.)

  2. Aww – our old Simon is rather tubby, but he’s 12, poor lad. The other boys are each five and less than one, so their physiques are still youthful.

    The sideboard has been a great boon – the DVDs don’t get dusty.

    Milo says “Thanks for the tenner!”

  3. see now – it has been too long since i have seen your babies too

  4. Great work! And Milo certainly likes to scrabble!