The most wonderful time of the year…

Sorry all, for the earworm.  And no, there are no jolly elves in red suits for this particular non-holiday.  It’s just the first full weekend in May, which means Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

The weather looks like it’s going to be …not so great.  Not like last year, anyway.  But that’s okay.  We’re not really going for yarn, just for shearling slippers (mine have given up the ghost after about three or four years of constant use and John, poor man doesn’t have any at all).  There may be a yarn purchase or two.  Maybe.  I’m not ruling it out, but I do have something of a yarn shop in my office/studio/cave of exploded projects, and I really don’t need any more.

Stop snickering, you in the back.  Do I have to turn this car around?

Anyway, time to go jump on John in a very annoying kid-on-Christmas-morning kind of way.


  1. Ahhh, so you ventured out among the fiber-crazed. Was it oh so worth it? I’m sure…. Rhinebeck was so fabulous I was certain I wouldn’t miss MD S&W this go round but I opted for casting on new sockies and epic viewing of InTreatment. No regrets so far :)

    And don’t kid yourself, I can out-maneuver any attempts to smack me from the front seat with half an eye on the road and one hand on the wheel.

  2. Kimberly says

    What?! I wasn’t snickering! (that loudly)

    Yeah–we need reports!

  3. What?! Me? Snicker… It was Kimberly. Honest. It wasn’t me….

    Have fun and do report back!

    You can never have too many projects or yarn for that matter.