The benefits of having a famous blogger be your beta-tester

Mischief managed, as the Harry Potter fans say.  My friend Daisy’s superior WordPress-fu has moved me off of Yahoo (which does some wonky things to WordPress installations) and on to her own hosting service.  Dang, but she’s a fast bugstomper.  We still have some odd characters showing up in old posts, courtesy of some database incompatibility and my old-fashioned insistence on a double-space after a period (what can I say?  I learned to type on a typewriter), but I have WordPress 2.5 now (oooh – shiny!), and even better, I have the benefit of Wendy’s experiences in transitioning over to 2.5 and Daisy’s hosting.

Look for exciting new technological goodies in this space.


  1. Happy to help!

    Not that I’ve actually done anything other than stand back and marvel as Daisy works her magic.