Overheard at our house, eighties nostalgia edition

John: “Did I just use ‘like’ about three times in a sentence?”

Me: “Yes.  But to be perfectly fair, you were talking about Men At Work.”

Overheard at our house, modern technology edition

John: “The news says lines for the new iPhone are wrapping around the block.”

Jill: “Wait – were you thinking of finally getting a smartphone on launch day?!

John: “I had thought about it.”

Jill: “Are you high?!

John: “Quite possibly.”

Overheard at our house, classic rock edition

Following a brief precis of the drama that created the album Rumours, while listening to same:

Me: …and with all the interpersonal crap they created and dealt with, it’s amazing that the band not only didn’t implode, they arguably created  their masterpiece.

John: Wait, I thought this was a greatest hits album.

Me: Nope.

John: ::Boggle::

Overheard at our house, telephonic edition

John, calling parents: “Busy signal?!”

Me (mock horror): “What is THAT?”

John: “I know – where do they live, anyway?”

Me: “1985.”

Overheard on chat

D: so far our last two immediate topics remind me of the book I just finished
me: well, then.
D: The Guinea Pig Diaries, by A.J. Jacobs
the guy who wrote The Know it All?
me: Day one: “WHEEK, WHEEK!”
Day two: “ooh – PELLETS.”
D: groan
oh please keep going
me: Day three: “Wheeek.  ::snuffle:: WHEEK!”
D: um, sarcasm
me: Day four: “OHAI!  LETTUCE!!  My day is WHEEEEEEEEEK, mofo!!”
me: sometimes the pitch needs a windup…
D: can’t breathe
for laughing
oh that’s good
me: glad you like.
D: oh boy

Overheard at our house, French steampunk edition

Me: “So remember that trailer of that French steampunk film I showed you earlier this year?”

John: “Yeah – I think so.”

Me: “Well, apparently it was only in theatres on limited release and isn’t on DVD in the States at all.”

John: “So, New York and L.A. basically.”

Me: “Yeah probably.”

John: “And Northern Maine.”

Overheard at our house, giant arachnid edition

Our porch roof and railing is currently housing a rather large spider.  I think it may be nocturnal, because it has been out there every early (pre-sunrise) morning and post-sunset evening, but I have yet to see it in daylight.  It took a few days for John to have an opportunity to see it, but he finally did.  We were looking at it this morning before I left for work:

Me: I think he has a friend.  There’s a little spider too.  Same coloring, but small.

John: You know, the bigger spiders are usually the females.

Me: Does this spider make me look fat?

Overheard at our house, belated birthday edition

John’s finally getting around to recycling the pile of cards he got for his birthday.  Since he turned 40 this time, some are more sadistic than others:

Card from my father, “Ma-cho ma-cho man….”

John (cutting open the card in order to fiddle with the mechanism), “Hmmm…”

Cfmf, “I want to be – a macho man!”

John, “Oh.  So that’s how that works.”

Cfmf, “I want to be a macho!”

Me, “Hit it with a hammer.

Overheard at our house, healthy breakfast edition

John: “You want fruit with your breakfast”

Me: “Yes, please – an apple would be great.”

“We have pears.”

“Are they hard?”

“No – they’re right at that point where if you squeeze them a bit, they bruise.”

“Are you bruising my pear?”

“Only a little.”

“That’s it – I’m calling Fruit Protection Services.”

Robynn and Rana rightly note the influence of Eddie Izzard in this post:

Overheard at our house, Glee edition

John: Those stilts are creepy.

Me: Not as creepy as clowns.

John: Maybe creepier than clowns.

Me: No way.  Clowns are creepiest.  But clowns on stilts…

John: Epic creepy.