Overheard at our house, healthy breakfast edition

John: “You want fruit with your breakfast”

Me: “Yes, please – an apple would be great.”

“We have pears.”

“Are they hard?”

“No – they’re right at that point where if you squeeze them a bit, they bruise.”

“Are you bruising my pear?”

“Only a little.”

“That’s it – I’m calling Fruit Protection Services.”

Robynn and Rana rightly note the influence of Eddie Izzard in this post:


  1. Gorgeous little bastards, but they’re only ripe for half an hour and you’re never there… clearly pears deserve a little punishment.

  2. Hee. Eddie Izzard for the win! Here’s the whole clip, if you haven’t seen it (fruit starts at 2:00, pears at 4:30).


  3. I had actually thought of including that clip, but I forgot (was in a hurry). I shall promote it to the main body…