I just realized today is St. Patrick’s Day: a day that, for me, manages to ruin beer and the color green all in one fell swoop.  (I had thought my shuddering distaste for green beer had been documented before, but a quick Google search shows me I am wrong.  Let me just go on the record then as saying that Bud Lite is an abomination, and Bud Lite with green food coloring in it?  Um… there are no words.)

The Metro should be VERY interesting this evening.  I’m expecting hordes of college students in sparkly green wigs, having started getting their drunk on at noon.  Let’s just hope that I’m wrong.

We had the Hallowe’en that wasn’t. How was yours?

From Marissa, a beautiful image of a cool-sounding little kid in Minneapolis:

Princess Leia the Four-Year-Old Jedi is perfectly prepared to kick the butt of any naysayer who tries to point out that this is not canon; this is her light saber , and she is Princess Leia, and you wanna make something of it, buddy? She thought not.

Go read the whole thing .  You will die of the cute.

Me? We got dissed by the tiny goblins again (I think we had a grand total of about five trick-or-treaters. We get fewer every year). I did see some funny stuff on the Metro on my way home. A group of college kids, dressed up for a party. A ballerina, a Dorothy Gale, Cupid, who posed for me, but the iPhone camera and the train make for some blurriness:

Halloween on the Metro

And for a truly surrealistic touch, which I couldn’t photograph without being obnoxious, a tiny (presumably female) Ronald Reagan in a Nancy-red suit sporting an Obama button.

You can’t make this stuff up.

ETA: The funniest song I’ve ever heard about zombies.  “Re Your Brains ” by Jonathan Coulton.  Go.  Listen.  Laugh.