Strange Conversation

My friend Chris and I have an ongoing conversation about music – we introduce one another to new music and discuss the merits of various artists and albums.  We trade off buying concert tickets for mutually beloved artists as well as introductions to new ones.  John and I brought him to see Jonatha Brooke, he roped us in to see Chris Smither (as someone who owns several versions of “Love me Like a Man,” I was ashamed to admit I knew little of the artist who wrote it).  I have pretty eclectic tastes and a fairly wide music collection by most people’s standards, but Chris blows me out of the water, owning thousands of CDs.  It’s always a coup for me when I can introduce him to someone new.

So it was a bit trippy this morning to come in to work and find Kris Delmhorst’s “Strange Conversation” sitting on my desk.  I sent Chris an e-mail:

Are you lending or returning this to me?  I can’t remember talking about this to you or lending it to you, but I also can’t remember if I own this on CD or just have a downloaded copy from iTunes…

He was crushed to find out I already knew about her.  On the other hand, I thought it was pretty cool to finally have a somewhat obscure artist both of us had heard of.


  1. Isn’t Chris Smither great? I’ve seen him at least twice, and was thinking of seeing him again.

  2. I’m a huge Chris Smither fan after first encountering him on American Routes a year or two ago. I’ve never heard of Kris Delmhorst though. I’d better check her out.

  3. I *love* Kris. Have you heard “Mary Lou,” one of her earlier songs? I know she finally released it on her EP Oddlot; I’m not sure if it’s on any of her full-length albums. Well worth listening to, if you haven’t heard it yet.

  4. okay – i need to get more music – i am so stuck in the 80’s…maybe the early 90’s….