Sidling towards 40

My mom called today to tell me that at around 8 a.m. 39 years ago, I gave her a new perspective on the phrase “bite me.”  Start as you mean to go on.

John fed my inner geek, encouraged my running proclivities, and celebrated the date by gifting me a Nike Amp+:


Yee ha!   Onward towards 40!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope you get wonderful job news as a present!

  2. Happy happy day, dear one!

  3. There’s need of job news?

  4. Jill: while 40 sounds rather unhip and unglamorous, my four years experience with it has done nothing to make me actually feel that way. Party on, Wayne.

    A man who understands, nurtures even, your inner geek? That’s a whole lifetime worth of work right there!

    Love those pictures of Max! And I just noticed Boing Boing in your link list; love Boing Boing!

  5. Kathy, I actually have no issues with 40 qua 40. I’m not particularly hip or glamorous and haven’t ever made any claims to be…

    The only thing about 40 is that, “Oh – wow – is that here already?” feeling. It doesn’t necessarily feel like I’ve been on the planet that long. It’s a bit startling.

    Yes, I have a wonderful guy who understands, nutures, FEEDS my inner geek. That’s what happens when you’re hip and glamorous enough to realize that a librarian is a helluva catch.

  6. Ooh, you got a librarian! Duuuude! Well done you!

    Also, um, happy belated? Really sorry I missed it. It’s been A Week.

  7. Duuude – you’ve been moving!