Shameless Pledge Drive

So the running thing is going pretty well.  I’m as surprised as anyone.  Probably more surprised, to own the truth.  With that, I decided to seek out a little 5K “fun run” and found one that is perfect for me – the Poplar Springs “Run for the Animals,” in support of a local sanctuary for wildlife and abused or neglected farm animals.  It’s on May 18, so I even have some time to train properly.

The pledge system is woefully lo-tech, without the bells and whistles of the big AIDS Walk I did last year.  However, if anyone wants to sponsor me, I’ve added an e-mail to my PayPal account especially for this event (I know – not everyone loves the PayPal, but it is easy).  If you trust me and want to support the animal sanctuary, go over to PayPal and deposit the donation under the e-mail 4theanimals ~at~ writingortyping dot-com.  I will probably get all sappy and want to thank people publicly, so if you prefer your donation be anonymous, just let me know.

If you prefer lo-tech or don’t trust me not to pocket the cash and make off for Bora-Bora and want to mail a check made out directly to the sanctuary but don’t know my address, drop me an e-mail at the same address I’ve noted above and I’ll ping you back with the requisite info.

Milo offers all the usual incentives for those who donate.  He may even add a few, since he highly approves of the whole animal sanctuary concept.


  1. Hooray for running! Isn’t it astonishing to find out how much fun it can be? I’m a big fan of new race experiences, and a big fan of animal shelters, so I’ll go push a little cash your way now. Have fun and run well.


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