Recently, I introduced Brenda Dayne to the musical stylings of my cousin Britt Sawdon.  As I suspected would happen, Brenda found Britt’s work to be her kind of thing and Britt’s permission was secured to play a couple of her songs on Cast-On.

I had been mulling over a third submission to the podcast, but hadn’t quite figured out what I wanted to do yet.  The temptation to do something to go with Britt’s song was too great, though, and the Muse handed me an idea that I admit is very Yarn Harlot-influenced.  Except maybe it’s sillier.  I certainly felt silly recording it, but hopefully it will amuse.

The cousinly production is up over at Episode 58: “Knitting Time.”


  1. Wonderful essay and your cousin is a wonderful artist as well! Beautiful writing, soulful music. Nice combo.

  2. I enjoyed your essay and your cousin’s song! Is there no where to buy her music though? I’d love to download Sunday Kind of Love.
    Thanks for introducing us all to her.

  3. Oh yes, it did amuse!! And the mix of your essay and your cousin’s music was perfect. Thanks to both of you!