Saturday miscellany

Numbered, for your convenience!

  1. Yes, I am a terrible person, neglectful of the blog and all it stands for.  I am hoping that my readers have RSS feeds.
  2. The reason for the mushy-headed no-thought around here?  Dunno.  But I haven’t been all mushy-headed no-thought!  Over at my pro blog, I have not one but two new posts. If you’re interested in communications issues, you might be interested to poke your nose over there and take a look.
  3. The light posting is likely to continue into the summer – I’m about to start a very challenging class AND have my in-laws to visit for a few days.  Can’t you just feel the synergy?
  4. Having said all this, the incredible demands I am anticipating will be placed on me over the next couple of months will probably drive me to blogging-as-procrastination, so don’t give up on me completely.
  5. What are you up to?


  1. 5. Me? Also neglecting blogging! Whee! No-blogging is the new Twitter!

  2. Any reccomendations on how I might catalyze a parental divorce? Seriously, once they hit 50 years next summer, I think the cause is lost….

  3. I’m seeing lots of doctors. The meds that are keeping my brain from smushing again are causing a lot of side effects.

    On the happier side, I can see the end of the new cat blankie.

  4. Bad blog reader here reporting back for duty.

    Like you, blog has taken back seat to living outside and work schedule crazy. RSS feed is doing just fine though!