Online classes and the commentaholic

Classes have started, the Trapper Keeper is shiny, the pencils are still sharp.  And I am here to report that online classes are as fascinating as a good comment thread – which for me is very fascinating.

I can tell already that I’m going to have to schedule my online class time rigorously.  Otherwise, I’ll go down another online rabbit hole, my husband will never see me again, and I will get to a stage of weapons-grade insufferability.

Seriously, though – this is a good exercise for me in thinking twice before I open a comment window and express an opinion, and I intend to take it seriously as a tool for personal growth.


  1. I got a comment pulled from Making Light! I was surprised!

    Marilee J. Laymans last blog post..Rrrrrripping

  2. Yea, I’ve hit “delete, delete, delete” a few times when I’m in a comment window. I’ve become a bit more selective as well. Not here though ;-)