One heckuva dinner party

We’re doing Thanksgiving at our house this year – our usual routine is to go to my aunt’s, but she’s had an emergency in her family, so we dropped back, punted, and John’s brining a turkey this very minute.

As the household baker, I am in charge of pies.  Mom and I powered through pumpkin and had the apple in the oven, when I came in to see Dash on the counter and this:

Dead cat.  Dead, I tell you.

Dead.  Cat.  Walking.

You wouldn’t think he was evil, to look at him:

Arty Dash

Anyway, there’s another pie in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and happy Thursday to the rest of the world.

Thanksgiving still-life


  1. Hmmm, someone will have to be paw-printed. Very eclectic taste for a cat, although my Weegee was quite fond of avocade.

    Sharon Frosts last blog post..Pausing the F. November 18-21,2008.

  2. LOL The family I visited had two cats, but one was mostly afraid of us and the other just wanted pets. I did put my yarn away when we went to eat.

  3. You didn’t actually string him up by his toes? What self-restraint.

    After reading your blog post I carefully covered my pies and put them in the back of the car, for safety.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday.

    Maries last blog post..Conversations with my son

  4. Share and share alike, I always say. He leaves you a fresh mouse at the foot of your bed; he deserves his own slice of pumpkin pie!