Once Upon a Time…

There was a wee forest creature named Gordon.  He was a Woodin, and he was lost.  Somehow, he had come out of the deep forest and landed on a porch in the suburbs.  He tried to adapt, but sitting in a potted geranium wasn’t the same as climbing the high forest oaks.

Woodin rides the geranium

Without another Woodin, he felt very alone.  Knowing that other Woodins are always attracted by a game, he thought he would cover his eyes and pretend that he was starting a round of Hide-and-Seek.

Woodin playing hide and go seek

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi…”

But he didn’t hear the familiar sound of other Woodins scurrying for a hiding place.  He was still on his own.

“Pssst!  In here!”  Gordon looked in the window of the house, and there was the furry orange face of a tabby kitten.  “When they open the door, scoot in!”

Gordon was slightly wary, he had heard other Woodins discuss the dangerous animals that lived inside and outside of human dwellings.  But he was lonely, and the fuzzy face looked kind.  Taking advantage of an open door, he hurried inside and looked around for his new friend, who was sitting a few feet away, at the top of a sofa.

“It’s okay,” said the kitten.  “I’m teething, but you don’t look very tasty.  I just thought you looked a bit lost out there and might want a cozy place to stay.”

“Are you sure?” asked Gordon.  “I have heard that cats can be cruel.”

“Well, that’s true of anyone,” said the orange tabby.  “But my name is Milo and you are welcome to stay with me until you can find your own people again.  I get fed lots of kibble and have plenty of toys, so I have no need to bite you.”

And so, Gordon hopped on the sofa, and Milo curled his tail around him.

Milo and the Woodin

“Hey,” said Gordon, “Would you mind not sniffing me like that?  It makes me think you want me for dinner, no matter what your previous assurances were.”

Milo and the Woodin

“Sorry,” said Milo.  “I was just thinking you smelled like something familiar – you may want to meet my human mommy.  She may be able to help you find some friends.”

…to be continued…


  1. Thank you!
    You have made my week with the story and the Woodin.
    Welcome Gordon:)

  2. Aigh! The cuteness!

    *falls over*

  3. so i think gordon might become a bigger star than milo….

  4. milo and gordon are my new desktop background. i

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  6. *sigh*

    that mess is supposed to have said i <3 them

  7. aww – thanks!