Okay, it’s official

Yeah, I want one of these.

I would want it even more if my textbooks were available on it, but since a lot of my school-reading is comprised of journal articles in pdf form, this would still make my life easier.

::SIGH::  I’m such an easy mark for good gadgets.


  1. Well, their books are all DRM’d and you have to get other books through them. I’m not thrilled about how they have their hands in the reading.

  2. Yeah, Kimberly – but what I’m trying to avoid (being one who spends a large portion of my life in front of a backlit screen) is the eyestrain.

    Having the light bounce off of the screen, as it does with a paper book, is allegedly better for the eyes.

  3. Jill, I love my Kindle; Rob loves his. I don’t think you’ll regret it one bit. It feels very much like reading a book except its lighter and you can just really load them up; I have tons o’ books on mine (I have the first model; looks like only ergonomics have changed). As for the DRM, well, there’s nothing else I really want to read the material on (no way Jose on the cell phone/pda notion), also, you can share material across devices on the same account which means Rob and I can share our books. Its not much of a loss.

    And frankly, liberating my library allowed me to have a dedicated craft room… gotta love that! Did I mention I really love mine? Totally, totally. you can even load up an SD card with music files and listen while you read although the user interface is kinda crap… still, it could work out on a flight…

  4. Oh! And about the concern over limiting books to Amazon purchases we’ve not yet found any other source with better offerings though we do sometimes buy real books because Kindle editions aren’t always available. But the library is expanding rapidly and is quite good. Some other electronic book formats are readable on the Kindle and there are third party conversion options out there. Kindle rocks; no two ways about it. You might find yourself leaving your knitting home during the commute in favor of the ease of toting of the device.