My Childhood Nightmare

This thing would send me screaming from the room.  Damn you, Children’s Television Workshop!


  1. Wow! That’s actually one of my favorite SS bits! Truly a classic.

  2. I liked that one too. But what preschooler doesn’t like oranges singing Carmen out of tune?

  3. Er, which gender is that orange supposed to be? I think it’s supposed to be female, but it seems to me that it exhibits some rather (disconcertingly) male looking features.

  4. Even though the singing is quite horrible and that whole orange is disconcerting… I am so happy that someone is trying to introduce opera to kids. I’m only 25, so me liking opera is something of an anomaly in my generation. But I love it even more because the song they chose… from Carmen… is one of my very earliest memories. My grandparents took me to see it when I was just 4.

  5. woah. i had forgotten that completely. and thankfully. you should check out Yo Gabba Gabba for SS 2.0 fun. also, The Offspring is 15 as of yesterday. Gah.