Memorial Day Weekend Niecelet

John and I really enjoy being "Uncle John and Auntie Jill," and we’re pretty lucky with the kidlets we have in our lives.

We got to spend today with little miss Amelia Sophia, who was very happy to be strolled around a Memorial Day street fair with Mama and Daddy and Uncle and Auntie. She continues to be most cute:

The modern baby, captured in its natural habitat

…and John has many very interesting conversations with her:

Uncle John and Amelia

(trust me, she may look as if she was ignoring him, but she was really listening intently).

More posting tomorrow, including answering Robynn ‘s tag, and also answering her plaintive cry for in-progress knitting photos. Big piles of blobby lace shawl in progress – excitement!


  1. Awwww, cute baby. And a nice sun hat!

    Marilee J. Laymans last blog post..Nice Quiet Day…

  2. You know, I actually like lace at the blobby stage. It’s so 3D. Perhaps I should start a movement: Reclaim the Unblocked Lace! Hm. Not very catchy. Blob Acceptance! Better.

    Robynns last blog post..Almost forgot…