I have a nasty cold and sore throat which is making me very cranky.

However, this was good enough to make me laugh despite the crankiness, so I thought I would share:


  1. Ha! And that bit at the end is even better!

    Marilee J. Laymans last blog post..Sleepier , Dream, and Visitors

  2. LOL.. that made me laugh too! I loved the ending..thanks :D

    cicis last blog post..In Progress ……SOS Round 2

  3. That is too cute! I could have used that last night when I was sick in bed. (Note to self: remember to search YouTube for Beaker when sick and bored.) Thanks for sharing!

    Sarahs last blog post..The Warmth Continues

  4. Snort! I laughed out loud.

    Andreas last blog post..Leaning Forward into my Life

  5. Ah, The Ode always makes me smile, other factors aside.