I’m not even sure of my own name at this point

H’lo all.

So, I’m still in school, and I’ve started a new job – this has been my first week.  Lots of things to coordinate, lots to remember, lots to learn.  So far, so good.  I’ve kept all the balls in the air for these first few days, proving it can be done (this is important – when things settle into a groove and the commute and job aren’t new and I start freaking out, I can point to this period and say, "Hey – you can do this.  You did this when you didn’t know what you were doing, so you can surely do it now").

That being said, I’m tired.  And going to bed.



  1. I’m glad your first week went well. I’m sure you can do this.

    I’ll think of you Sunday at Rhinebeck!

  2. I’m quite sure you can do this. If you forget, just ask us. We’ll remind you. And it IS hard to juggle school and full-time work and a commute. Ask me how I know ;) There’s no harm in admitting it’s hard, from time to time, either. Hang in there.

  3. Squee! New job, fabulous news. Grats and good luck.

    Yes, it is hard doing all that at once. But it’ll be great. In an exhausting sort of way.

  4. Be sure to take some rest time!