If I hear “Well, if it keeps us safe…” in a so-called security line One. More. Time.

In the end, IÂ’m not sure which is more troubling, the inanity of the existing regulations, or the average AmericanÂ’s acceptance of them and willingness to be humiliated. These wasteful and tedious protocols have solidified into what appears to be indefinite policy, with little or no opposition. There ought to be a tide of protest rising up against this mania. Where is it? At its loudest, the voice of the traveling public is one of grumbled resignation.


(Yes, I’ve been more or less off the grid. Back in a more organized way soon.)


  1. Heh. What always gets me is the inconsistency and illogic of many of the decisions. Why 3.4 oz, and not 3.5? Why is a sealed yogurt more dangerous than a sealed energy bar? Why can I take one item through the first half of the trip, and have it confiscated on the return? Why do computers have to come out of the bag, but not cameras or cell phones? Why do some airports have air puffers, and why, when they do, do only some of the passengers have to go through them?

    The whole effect is that it is being made up as we go, by morons. If the rules made any sort of consistent sense, I’d be more willing to believe that they are in fact useful; instead, I’m convinced that they’re a bunch of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” crap that makes idiots believe they are safe (rather like kids who believe that looking both ways is enough to protect them from an oncoming car).

    I’m usually not annoyed at the TSA staff themselves – they are required to follow the rules, so there’s no point in yelling at them for the stupid things their superiors come up with – but one of the reasons I prefer regional airports is that there, at least, they will laugh at the absurdity of the rules with you.

  2. Absolutely spot on!! Today, it was my chocolate fruit cake that was “dangerous” and almost confiscated because the idiots at TSA (at a regional airport btw) couldn’t determine if it was explosive or not. I ended up opening the package and taking a big ole bite out of it to prove it really was food.

    Yup, I feel safer because my ziplock bag AND my fruitcake are explosion proof…