“I don’t know. I was going for ferocious and scary, but it’s coming out more dryly sardonic.”

My outstandingly organized friend Yvonne had a pumpkin-carving party this weekend.  That and the Red Sox finally taking their finger out has made for fall cheer around here.

John did his pumpkin all old-school, where I availed myself of the templates and tools Yvonne had thoughtfully provided.  All in all though, we were severely outclassed by the others at the party who were truly ambitous.


(Our two are at the lower left).

Here’s hoping for many small goblins desiring candy arriving chez nous this year.


  1. Wow, those are great! Sounds like you had fun!

  2. Man, I’d love to be able to produce a pumpkin design that came out as dryly sardonic!

    I admit to succumbing to the templates, and then always fuss with my own additions and minor modifications. I especially like including a tiny shadow-generating hole on the backside of the pumpkin. That’s an easy way to add a nice touch, so that a tiny little mouse or similar shadow is running up the wall behind the pumpkin.