Hitting the wall

John asked me the other day if I had given up blogging completely.  I don’t think he was kidding, either.

The short answer is, “no.”  The longer answer has something to do with the combined effect of summer, school, and a full-time job.  I haven’t felt much like doing a lot of the things I usually enjoy doing: writing, running, and knitting are all on that list these days.

In the past, I might have freaked out, decided that I must make myself do these things I enjoy doing — else, who am I?  Enter identity crisis, then insert frenzied period of making a job out of things I enjoy, which is pretty much a one-way ticket to aversionville.

It only took me a couple of decades to figure out how utterly insane this is.

So, my new method of dealing with that feeling is to use the old “if you love something let it go” philosophy.  I have a pretty solid notion that these things I do truly love to do will return to me in their own time without my insisting that they Come. Back. Right. Now.  (A negotiation tactic that is only slightly less effective on one’s own desires than it is on our dog — which is to say, on a scale from “not very” to “not at all”).

In the interim, apologies for the light posting.


  1. Ah yes, I get this completely. And the only sensible thing to do is, indeed, to let it go. This stuff is supposed to be fun. Don’t force it.

    (I’d like to think that one day, I too will be blogging more – or at least, will be blogging more about non-baby stuff. But that day is not very near.)
    .-= Robynn´s last blog ..More inspiration =-.

  2. I hear you with the not feeling like doing all the normal things like baking, reading, kayaking.

    Deciding to not force it and just let it come naturally I think is the best way to find your way back to the things you love and enjoy.
    .-= breadchick´s last blog ..Worth Three Balls and One Half Iced Coffee =-.