For my next unnatural act…

…I shall hit a rather arbitrary yet significant milestone. The mile-ometer on my iPod says that I have run/walked 99.27 miles since getting the thing in late August (1st run on August 26, 2007). Dang, but I do love that little gadget. Data is good.

So early in 2008, possibly the day after tomorrow, I shall have exceeded 100 miles.

Oh, and Lance Armstrong told me I burned a “significant” amount of calories with today’s run. Considering his fitness level, I suspect sarcasm, but I’m trying to take it well.

Happy New Year, all.


  1. Try riding your bike with Lance! He was on a ride I was on this summer. Talk about disheartening :( And 100 miles of running is a superhuman feat. Seriously, you’re wonder-woman!