For Marie

…because she played the oboe*. (However, she should probably not play with kiddos about).

“We have spawned the devil!”

* The oboe bit is about halfway in.


  1. “It’s not an embouchre, which is something else…it’s a kind of vegetable. That flute players have to deal with.” Fabulous.

  2. As an oboist, this was hysterical. I often thought while I was trying to “blow my brains out” through the little hole between the two bits of wood that I was playing on a weasel.

  3. Hehehe…it’s funny ’cause it’s true. :)

    (clarinetist chiming in!)

  4. Very, very funny. I remember when I used to practice our dog Freckles would come and sit next to me and howl. It wasn’t that she wanted to go out, she was actually singing along. My brother thought it was hysterical.

    I liked the bit of him damping the kettle drums – very funny!

    I think I’ve looked at my oboe once in the past five years, this makes me want to dig it out of the closet. Very funny.