Do I lie like a lounge room lizard?

No, I do not lie.  I sing like a bird released.  It’s 65 degrees in the DC suburbs on August 12.  It’s been cool and dry for almost a week.  This is unprecedented.  Glorious, gorgeous, and completely unprecedented.

The hate I have for heat and humidity is well documented, so we needn’t go over that again.  But the thing that is really making me dance all sorts of happy dances about this weather is the reprieve from having to use the air conditioning.  Last month’s power bill was… not fun, even though the heat index values didn’t get above 100 too often.

This fall-like weather also has me thinking in a somewhat premature way about new pencils and "school clothes."  But for the first time in 12 years, that’s coming my way too. Nice.


  1. Ooh, that back to school feeling – marvellous! Still jealous…

    Robynns last blog post..Squee!

  2. And a lot of Code Green air, too! I’ve been turning the AC off about 6pm and opening windows then, since I’m not as good at heat as most folks.

    Marilee J. Laymans last blog post..Appointments