Another cure for design woes

Ignore your own process (or lack thereof) and obsess over someone else’s perfect design.

Seriously – does Hanne Falkenberg know she designed the world’s most perfect sweater jacket for me? The woman’s got my number. It’s a lovely colorway, so deceptively simple, structured yet easy, and….

…And I really, really want one of those kits. Santa? I’ve been pretty good this year…


  1. i can see that on you – of course, it helps that the model could be your non-existent sister…i really like the subtle shading between colours

  2. Thanks – isn’t it a great sweater? And yes, the Scando model does look a wee bit like me – surprise, surprise…

  3. OMG. That is absolutely gorgeous. Good thing I don’t knit. I’d never be able to decide which colorway I liked best.

    I will *not* pick up a hobby. Not not not.


  4. Oooooh… Mary Kay – this is the ghoooost of hobbies you don’t yet haaaave….


  5. Stop that. My poor brain is already like they donkey between mangers what with jewelry, polymer clay, and writing.