A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a special princess, born on an autumn island, swirling with leaves of gold, amber, and ruby. Her parents, the king and queen, loved her very much (of course they did – this is that kind of story). They watched over the princess, as all parents do, but their royalty lent them charms to give her extra protection.

The queen sent her tigers to patrol the island. Pad, pad, pad, around they went, leaving clear pawprints in the sand.

The king stirred the water around the island, sending waves lapping to the edge of where the tigers stalked.

The princess also had an aunt who loved her. The aunt knew that one day the princess would grow up and leave this protected island of autumn leaves, with its fierce tigers and rippling water. So the aunt knit her a magic shawl, stitching the special magics of the king and queen into the fabric. A drift of falling leaves was surrounded by the imprint of tiger feet and curling waves.

This shawl would be able to follow the princess out into the wider world, bringing with it the special charms of the king and queen. And whenever the princess saw it, she would remember the sound of the rustling leaves, the padding of tiger feet, and the gentle rush of ocean water.

Christening shawl


  1. Jill, it turned out beautifully. What a treasure. You are no longer just a knitter, I now dub thee “Lady Knit Designer”.

  2. It’s lovely, the baby and her parents will all treasure having such a special gift.

  3. What a beautiful shawl – and how fun to have a story to go with it!

  4. Wowsers! You’re amazing, and that’s the truth!