Please Don’t Trip Over the Boxes and Packing Tape

This may be confusing to those of you just joining our program – I’ve been blogging since 2003, but just switched to this subdomain. The information below is for those who are making the switch from the “old” WoT to the “new” WoT in August of 2007.

If you’re subscribing to WoT via an RSS feed, please take note. I’ve finally had it up to the proverbial “here” with using a blogging system that is basically the work of one developer. Don’t get me wrong: for a single-developer program, iBlog was a nice little workhorse. But it’s time to change. I’ve actually been exploring options since early on, but the amount of programming knowledge necessary in the early days was just too overwhelming for me when I started, and I really liked the option of having a desktop-client composing and uploading system, so the easier web-based systems such as Blogger weren’t giving me what I wanted.

Translation of old posts to a new system has also been an issue. I’m not about to can all of the work I’ve put into this site over the years. And yet, when you are using a single-developer program with a limited following, the translation services just don’t cut it, if they exist at all.

So I have recreated the last several posts at this new, but familiar location – Archives to the old iBlog site are available in the archive page and on the sidebar. The homepage will soon redirect to the /blog subdomain. For anyone using an rss feed, you can either resubscribe or edit your current subscription* to point to:

Anyway, welcome to the new place. Hope you like it.

*For those of you who have mentioned to me that Bloglines is publishing WoT in Asian ideographs (and what the hell was up with that?), this should also solve that problem.