We interrupt this blog for…

Cute cat photos…


…and also arty cat photos


Things I have done recently include:

  1. Going to see Eddie Izzard (love you!  Call me!)
  2. Going to MD Sheep and Wool with friends
  3. Purchasing a spindle and managing (with a quick tutorial from my friend Rachel) to actually produce yarn with it (portable spinning!  Brilliant!)

I will (hopefully) talk about these things anon.  However for now, the cute cat images will have to do.


  1. Definitely cute cats photos!

    Many years ago, I took a Smithsonian class in drop-spindling stuff you find in the wild — opening pods, taking bits of bark, even spiderweb — and that was a lot of fun.

  2. Ahem… don’t you already have a drop spindle?

    Maries last blog post..I’m not dead yet

  3. Kimberly says

    I can’t wait for the Eddie report!!!!

  4. Cute cat photos, arty or not, are always a stop sign.

    Sharon Frosts last blog post..Deadhead. May 3/4, 2008

  5. Ahem… didn’t someone already give you a spindle?

    Maries last blog post..I’m not dead yet

  6. Okay . . . that butt-to-butt bookending thing? Illegally winsome. Dash reminds me so much of the Bean.

    Artichoke Hearts last blog post..FIVE EASY PIECES-DE-MAYO

  7. Yes, A.H., Dash and the Bean could have been twins.