We had the Hallowe’en that wasn’t. How was yours?

From Marissa, a beautiful image of a cool-sounding little kid in Minneapolis:

Princess Leia the Four-Year-Old Jedi is perfectly prepared to kick the butt of any naysayer who tries to point out that this is not canon; this is her light saber , and she is Princess Leia, and you wanna make something of it, buddy? She thought not.

Go read the whole thing .  You will die of the cute.

Me? We got dissed by the tiny goblins again (I think we had a grand total of about five trick-or-treaters. We get fewer every year). I did see some funny stuff on the Metro on my way home. A group of college kids, dressed up for a party. A ballerina, a Dorothy Gale, Cupid, who posed for me, but the iPhone camera and the train make for some blurriness:

Halloween on the Metro

And for a truly surrealistic touch, which I couldn’t photograph without being obnoxious, a tiny (presumably female) Ronald Reagan in a Nancy-red suit sporting an Obama button.

You can’t make this stuff up.

ETA: The funniest song I’ve ever heard about zombies.  “Re Your Brains ” by Jonathan Coulton.  Go.  Listen.  Laugh.