Warning: Cat AND Knitting Content Below.

Milo continues his streak as a wee charmer.  He’s cuddly as all get out, has an endearing “squeak” instead of a meow, and keeps us laughing with his playful antics.  All around, a good cat.  We’ll keep him.

He also (so far) is more interested in lounging in knitting bags than grabbing yarn with teeth and claws.  I consider this a good thing.

More bag nesting

Last night, he brought his cuddliness to a whole new level, though.  As I sat knitting the edging on to my “Print o’ the Wave” stole, he decided to investigate.

Je vous presente - Milo et le soie de la mer!

No, he wasn’t biting yarn or cable of needle (at least not much, and he could be gently dissuaded from continuing when he did), but he did decide that Sea Silk was his nest of choice (I gotta hand it to the cat – he’s got good taste in yarn):

Hmmmm.   Seasilk!

Soft paws working busily (he snagged not one stitch), he purred and delved until I was helpless with laughter:

Milo dives into the Print o' the Wave Stole

At this rate, I’m NEVER going to finish the edging!


  1. Now I am not a cat person per se, but that is one adorable kitty — with very good taste in yarn, clearly!

  2. Sea silk for a Print O’The Wave? How apropos!

    Cute kitty!

  3. In colorway “ocean,” no less.

    thanks. We like him.

  4. Awwwww!

    One thing I do regret about b is that she’s not a kneading cat. Friendly, vocal, playful, and on some rare occasions wanting a cuddle – but a cuddly, lap-sitting kneady cat she is not.

    So far she’s been mostly uninterested in the knitting – though one dp is now a bit splintery where she gnawed on it.

  5. You know, I never got pushypaws from Milo until last night. I didn’t think he was a kneader either.

  6. Awww, cute! Maybe it smells like seafood.
    (Or silkworms. Mmm, bugs)