Um…. yeah. I do still knit.

My Ravelry page has been rather a fly in amber over the last few months.  Not much going on over there for me.  Frankly, I’ve been pretty much just doing socks lately, and I mostly don’t document those – just pop ’em on my feet.

But I did pick up some Misti Alpaca handpainted sock yarn as a souvenir in Maine, and did up a Lace Ribbon scarf .  I wanted a longer, skinny kind of scarf – multiple wraps ’round the neck, or a long, loose drape – so I took out two of the pattern repeats.  It was perfect train knitting – quickly memorized, small, portable.  Best of all, it’s not a sock, so it really wanted to be photographed:

Lace Ribbon scarf

Yes, it’s VERY long.

Lace ribbon closeup

But very pretty.  I think it’s a good’un, myself.


  1. Pretty – very colorful.

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  2. Oh, that is very pretty! And with the spaces, you can wrap it around your neck several times without feeling like it’s a metal ring!

  3. Gorgeous! I really love that colorway. I really like the width, too.

    I stumbled into a (fairly) local yarn shop yesterday and walked out with four skeins of sock yarn. I had heard this store existed, but it has not web presence (seriously!) and I never figured out where it was. I really wasn’t planning on buying any yarn, but when I walked in, all their sock yarn was right by the door. Then it hit me–Drew’s mom, who’s never cold and is therefore a bit tricky to knit for–has feet! I could knit her socks! Drew decided he would like some soy/wool/silk socks, too.

    I cast on my first attempt at toe-up magic loop socks today.

  4. That is just lovely. I am so envious of folks who have the patience for knitting.

  5. ummm did I mention that I’m TRYING to focus my knitti g efforts and reduce the embarassing number of WIPs I have… This doesn’t help. ‘cuz it’s gorgeous and I want one!

    Was it fast? How long? How many yards of yarn?

  6. Oh, it’s lovely!!

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  7. Oooh. Pretty! :)

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