The numbered list approach to blogging

1. Thank you, Marilee, for being the first contributor to the Poplar Springs 5k fund! Her donation coincided with a particularly fortuitous afternoon’s snaps of the Smith household animals, so here’s a photographic “thank you” from those worthies:


    2. Thanks to: a.) the fact that my husband actually reads the Birchmere‘s occasional missives, b.) my friend Melanie’s quick response to a call to arms, and c.) my credit card, I can report that Mel, her sister and I are actually going to get to see Eddie Izzard.  (John’s not interested, but thanks for noticing he’s not included).  As my mom is fond of saying in reference to hot flashes, “Faint, but don’t fan: it’s a dead giveaway.”

    3. In other theatrical news, we’re going to see Teller’s Macbeth this weekend at the Folger Theatre.  I feel a bit ashamed to say that I have lived in the DC area for a total of over nine years and have never been to the Folger.  Cultural cretin – that’s me.

    4. Who thought of this daylight savings time palaver, anyway?  And who thinks it’s a good idea to extend it?  Clearly someone who doesn’t work for a living.  Feh.


    1. eddie izzard!?!?!? no?!?!?!?!
      do you have your cat, table and monkey?

    2. The kids all look great on the stairs!

      And DST is the bane of my existence this week….

      Enjoy the Folger!

    3. You’re welcome, and what a great picture! All right there in the sun! (My two are on the heating pad in the sun, but it’s not nearly as photogenic!)

      If I was up-to-date on the WashPost, I could have told you Eddie Izzard was coming! I always read the Birchmere ad in the Saturday WashPost and think that I’m going to go some day. But not for Izzard.

      I haven’t been to the Folger since I’ve been sick, and it’s been renovated recently — the pictures in the Post were great!

      Fortunately, I can sleep all day if I want to, so I got up early because of the time change Sunday and put up the BFAC auctions and then napped.

    4. Yes, Marietta – I also have my mouse, a chair, and I’m wandering about in heavily wooded areas…

    5. Jill, have you been reading Charlie? Although I don’t think Miriam has a mouse with her….

    6. Ummmm… Charlie who? (I guess the answer is no, I haven’t).

    7. Charlie Stross. A chair and wandering around in heavily-wooded areas happens early in The Family Trade.

    8. Ah – no. Mr. Stross is another of my cultural deficiencies.

      We were referring to an Eddie Izzard routine where he talks about the first sentence he learned in French class:

      “Le chat est sur la chaise, le souris est en dessous de la table, et la singe est sur la branche.”

      He then goes on to talk about how hard it is to work these phrases into conversation and how, in order to use them, he was forced to get a cat, mouse, table, chair and monkey and walk about in heavily wooded areas in France.

    9. Aha! That is funny. I think my French classes were more form and words than specific sentences.

      I highly recommend this series of Charlie’s, but you should know that Tor broke the first book into two: The Family Trade and Hidden Family. So if you read just the first, there’s no ending. There’s four books out and three more to come (two of those are another halved book).