The good news is, I came in ahead of a 23-year-old

356th out of a field of 383 is actually better than I probably would have done as a teenager…

The bad news is my calves still hurt.  Feh.  I’d like to get running again, but I know from experience I just have to rest until there is no more pain.


  1. Damn, girl, you should be proud of yourself for finishing! When we were teenagers we wouldn’t have even thought of running a race like that – I seem to remember telling you at one point that I didn’t run, it was against my religion and you thought that was pretty funny. Running definitely wasn’t our thing.

    I actually dragged my behind out of bed at 5:40 this morning to get some exercise before everyone else woke up. It was too damn early but it was nice to get a walk without having to negotiate my son into the stroller.

    Maries last blog post..Starting the day on a nice note