The Artist Currently Known as Milo

I realized last night that Milo is a performance artist.

What else could explain his strange habit of putting the top of his head on stuff?

Performance art.  It’s the only explanation.

(My friend Adam once said that “Performance art is a personality disorder with a grant.”  I’m thinking I now know where Milo gets the money for his designer kitty bed and blinged-out toys.  I blame myself for being duped into buying him the nuclear kitty ganja in the Kitty Can’t Cope sacks.  He can clearly afford to buy them himself.)


  1. It’s a worldwide performance collaboration involving only ginger cats. Jemima is just the same.

  2. Oh, that Lolo…

    You know, of course, that in Hawaiian pidgin “lolo” means nutsy-cuckoo and “pakalolo” is the State Weed. Fitting…

  3. Kathy, I don’t know any Hawaiian pidgin. But nice to know that when we call him “Loco LoLo we’re being redundant.”