Happy Holidays to all

This morning started with some Santa Hat silliness:

Simon, modeling the Santa hat.

Some of the zoo were less into this idea:

"Do.  Not.  Want."

Dash wants nothing to do with this nonsense

And some are game for anything:

Toshie Claus

John got power tools, because he’s been a very good boy this year:

John got TOOLS for x-mas

Brian and I took a walk with Tosh:

Bri and Tosh

And all that’s left is to make and eat a fabulous dinner and wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy new year:


All the best to you and yours.

Nativity play

We had a good Thanksgiving.

Some cats had some nice lounging

Sunshine LoLo

Simon bliss

The meal seemed to go over well:

Holiday table

I made a particularly pretty pie:

Pretty pie

And Mom indulged in the creation of a bunch of teeny sweaters – it was like a particularly cute obsession acted out in scraps of leftover sock yarn:

Mom's teeny sweater obsession

And finally, we’re currently sitting here deconstructing the performance art piece that is John hanging lights on the Christmas tree.  It’s rather nice.


We’re not huge cat-toy buyers.  Our cats aren’t terribly interested in gee-whizzery, and the Kitty Can’t Cope Sack represents the pinnacle of technology to them.  Milo’s favorite toy, when he’s not getting his kitty buzz on, is a crumpled receipt (and his zeal for pursuing them, even in an uncrumpled state, makes entering expenses into Quicken an exercise that would impress the Flying Wallendas).  We are well aware that for the feline imagination a cardboard box is a castle, a TARDIS, and a treehouse all in one.

So why we were enticed by a $5 IKEA nylon cat-hut, I don’t know.  But I’m happy we didn’t listen to our wiser voices for once.  The thing’s a hit at our house, and for some reason we find it endlessly amusing to find our cat-family enjoying its cozy Swedish vibe.

Simon a/k/a "Big Papi" (for his increasingly strong resemblance to David Ortiz ):

Who'd have thunk the evil cat-hut would be such a hit?

Little Milo, happily sharing space with several Kitty Can’t Copes:

$5 very well spent at IKEA

Dash, examining the environs:

Even skittery Dash likes it.

The toys help

…and deciding that he draws the line at sharing.

He draws the line at sharing, however.

Just in case you feared I had become anything resembling hip…

…No, it shall never be.  And to prove it, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, several minutes of pointless video that might only be of interest to a small subset of my friends and relatives*:


“This is not how I am” indeed, Simon – get yer paws off of the coffee table.

Happy holiday weekend, at least to the US folks who are looking forward to beer and barbecue tomorrow.

*And of that small subset, there’s probably an even smaller subset consisting of John and my mom who will actually be amused by this video.

May I tell you how happy I am that the weekend is here?

Better yet, may I show you?

Let me tell you how happy this sunshine makes me...

Yes.  That happy.

These animal-related “thank you’s” could get elaborate…

Robynn has promised some 4theanimals dosh, so here’s my first YouTube effort to say “thanks!”


Not much to say…

…Though we are sad here at Chez Writingortyping, because wee Milo is off to the vet for that… operation.  The one all good cat-owners have done if they don’t want to be vicarious kitten-mommas or -daddies.  So, despite the fact that I have been a lame blogger of late, I shall only give you a few photos of the little guy.  He’s going to be gone for a whole 24 hours, and John and I are wondering how we will cope without our dense, warm little fur-bundle purring away on our laps.  We have already suffered through this morning’s agony of trying to ignore him on doctor’s pre-surgery no-feed orders as he squeaked furiously at us, completely incensed that his usual demands were met with no kibble.  (Our neighbor likes to say, “Dogs have owners; cats have staff.”  It is all too true.)

We had a party recently – Milo appointed himself Sommelier:

Milo, Your Sommelier for this evening
“May I get madame a glass of champagne?”

Feeling like quite the wildlife photographer, I also caught Milo and Dash performing the elusive head-lick:


Lastly, a similarly elusive group photo of all three of the feline members of the household:

a rare shot of all three cats

At least I don’t have the heartrending task of actually leaving the wee one at the vet’s – that job goes to John, as the vet is on his way to work.

Sorry to subject you to the tour of the inside of my head

I’m just hoping yesterday’s mental peregrinations made sense to somebody.

Because I’m not completely heartless, I shall give you a long-awaited glimpse of that superstar of the animal kingdom, Monsieur Milo leChat. His covetous approach towards my Sea Silk stole was not a one-off, it appears. The current project, John’s “Cobblestone” sweater from the latest IK is also a prime favorite with him (is it the color? Does he just like blue? It is a nice shade for a redhead).

Such a helper

John often terms him a “funny little creature,” and this is very true. He has a very un-cat-like willingness to be moved about – so much so, that when he curled up in the sweater-in-progress and I needed to be elsewhere, he didn’t object when I bundled up project and cat and deposited the whole shebang in the knitting bag.

Can you believe him?

Sweet, no? How about this one – cuter, since it contains 100% more Simon than the other:

Yep, still cute.  But this time, with 100% more Simon

(yes, he’s still wee, our Milo). 

Lest you think Milo is completely slack, he does have his moments of wild activity. For instance, he seems to have inherited John’s passion for soccer. Here he is rooting for the German women’s team:

Milo - rooting for the German women's soccer team

Oi, Milo – you make a better door than a window, fella!

Autumnal Felinity

We’ve had the loveliest weekend here.  It’s suddenly Fall: cool, dry, sunny and gorgeous.  I’ve made bread, and I’m wearing a homemade sweater and homemade socks, so I’m not sure I could be any happier (well, a fire in the fireplace would also do me some good). 

The cats have been mellow, also, enjoying the open windows and the fresh air they bring.  Simon and Milo are beyond detente, and on their way to a lasting peace.

Milo may look big, but he's still less than 1/2 of Simon

I caught Dash in a peaceful moment in front of the sliding door, enjoying the setting sun’s rays.

Sunshine on my gray fur makes me happy...

And Milo – sweet Milo had a perfect Miss Lulu Kitty moment on a sunny windowsill.

Milo's "Miss Lulu" shot

Damn, but I love Fall.